Dunedin proves its ‘Gigatown’ status with triple-speed broadband

10 April 2017 -

According to data from Chorus, Dunedin – which in 2013 became New Zealand’s first Gigatown – is well ahead of the rest of the country in broadband speeds with an average bandwidth of 196Mbps, more than three times that of the next fastest centre.

PyCon conference attracts programmers

9 September 2016 -

People playing with Python in the Dunedin Centre sounds like a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, in this case Python is not a snake. Rather, it is a widely used high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic computer programming language.

GigCity opportunity ‘squandered’

9 September 2016 -

Dunedin has squandered its opportunity to market itself as New Zealand’s "giga city", instead developing a reputation as a whining, whinging town, city businessman Ian Taylor said yesterday.

Translation project

18 August 2016 -

The language barrier between English and Maori-speaking New Zealanders may become a thing of the past when Ennis Massey completes his work on a new translation website next year.

Gig-speed Wi-Fi hot spots coming sooner

07 July 2016 -

The roll-out of free gig-speed Wi-Fi hot spots across Dunedin is moving ahead faster than originally scheduled and two are expected to be live by the end of this month.

New way to give lessons in prison

23 June 2016 - The Star

Prisoners and recipients of community-based sentences will soon be learning mechanical skills in a virtual workshop, thanks to the Methodist Mission.

App to aid learning of Maori

16 June 2016 - The Star

Logan Park High School has teamed up with three academics to start the development of an English to Maori translation app which a developer says could help improve learning.

Move to make city digitally savvy

11 June 2016 - The Star

Having the Gig City designation without knowing how to use it is like having a highway without knowing how to drive, Otago Polytechnic’s innovation facilitator says.

Otago's economy: 'Be there or be square'

24 May 2016 -

"But let's not forget Dunedin. Here's a little known fact: Dunedin - aka Gig City - has the fastest broadband connections in the country at almost three times the average speed of the next fastest city."

Tech party promotes creativity

20 May 2016 -

Children attending the party were able to participate in robotics and hologram-making workshops, stop-motion animation projects and neuroscience experiments.

Education boost for at-risk drivers

20 May 2016 -

A virtual workshop and a drink-driving simulation is set to provide extra engagement and an education boost for at-risk learner drivers in Dunedin.

GigCity project: connecting to the world

28 Apr 2016 -

The implementation of GigCity has been a complex process, but will benefit Dunedin in numerous ways, writes Digital Community Trust chairman John Gallaher.

‘Gig-speed’ progress too slow

19 Apr 2016 -

Winning the Gigatown competition was, so Dunedin was told, going to be the best boost for the city since the 1860s gold rush.

Business picks up speed after delay

19 Apr 2016 -

At last, gig-speed internet is connected in Ali Copeman's office, and the Dunedin businesswoman says her work can begin.

Unhappy at GigCity delay (+ video)

17 Apr 2016 -

Businesswoman Ali Copeman says being reliant on a neighbour's WiFi in the heart of Dunedin's CBD has left her "completely disillusioned'' about GigCity.

Free fast WiFi zones for city

16 Apr 2016 -

Dunedin is set to be lit up by a network of 12 more Gig-speed free WiFi zones across the city.

Giga-gains not evenly shared

16 Apr 2016 -

It was heralded as the biggest step forward for Dunedin since the Gold Rush - a high-speed digital highway linking Dunedin to the world, helping turn a city with a declining manufacturing base into a hub for a new wave of high-tech companies.

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Internet speed opened door to job

16 Apr 2016 -

James Hannam "probably'' wouldn't be living in Dunedin were it not for GigCity.
Mr Hannam is a programmer at the RocketWerkz gaming studio launched by Dean Hall, which is growing steadily on Dunedin's waterfront.

'It kind of defeats the purpose'

16 Apr 2016 -

GigCity is a waiting game for Dunedin student Josh Livingstone.
And it is a wait he will have to endure for at least another year, until gigabit-speed internet finally arrives at his front door in July next year.

Soldering on

04 Apr 2016 -

Hive Dunedin aims to provide Dunedin youth with learning opportunities outside traditional classroom learning, which have a greater focus on increasing digital literacy.

Meals on Wheels app wins $20,000

20 Dec 2015 -

Meals on Wheels has been granted $20,000 in the first round of GigCity community grants stemming from Dunedin's Gigatown win last year...

Dunedin rivals best tech hubs

21 Nov 2015 -

There's a boom in the air. Whether it's on the horizon or already here is a matter of debate, but Dunedin is showing all the signs of a tech industry explosion. Start-ups are appearing constantly, and then expanding. Established companies are leading the world and continuing to innovate and grow. The city's internet infrastructure is rapidly becoming the best in the southern hemisphere. Jobs are being created weekly. International clients are buying Dunedin's tech products, that money flowing from around the world into the city's coffers. And it's only the start. In this Otago Daily Times report, Craig Borley examines a number of Dunedin's burgeoning tech firms...

Dunedin launches southern hemisphere's fastest public wi-fi network - and it's free

07 Oct 2015 -

Gigatown competition-winning Dunedin is today launching what it bills as the southern hemisphere's fastest wi-fi network, and it's free. The "GigCity Gigabit Wi-Fi", initially available around the Octagon, is more than 50 times faster than the average public wi-fi and has been made available thanks to collaboration between The Digital Community Trust (DCT), Chorus, Dunedin City Council (DCC) and Dunedin ISP Unifone. Chorus picked up 90% of the build cost...

​Chorus delivers on Gigatown promise as accelerated UFB build hits Dunedin

07 Oct 2015 -

Chorus has today announced plans to enable more Dunedin residents, businesses and tourists to take full advantage of the sponsored gigabit broadband services available across the city after winning Gigatown last year. An accelerated build schedule will see Dunedin’s Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) communal build completed nearly two years sooner in December 2017...

'We start here. Day one. Gig City'

07 Oct 2015 -

Mark it down as ''Day one'' - Dunedin's push to become one of the world's leading ''smart cities'' is under way. A masterplan to relaunch Dunedin as a smart city has been hatched, and will begin with today's official launch of New Zealand's first gig-speed free public Wi-Fi in the Octagon...

Dunedin to offer free Giga-speed WiFi

02 Oct 2015 -

Visitors to Dunedin will soon have a high-speed reason to sing the praises of the southern city. A free gigabit-speed WiFi network is being installed in the Octagon, offering ultra-fast browsing for users on their mobile devices and laptops...

Gigabit Wi-Fi hits 95Mbps

02 Oct 2015 -

Live sport, blockbuster movies, children's television and more were playing on dozens of smartphones in the Octagon yesterday as the city's free gigabit Wi-Fi got a test run...