GigStart fund

The GigStart Fund provided by Chorus and Nokia for local Dunedin start-ups to strive for startup funding to boost their entrepreneurial endeavour.

Chorus asked Startup Dunedin to manage this fund on behalf of themselves and Nokia.

Past Recipients

Over the life of the fund Dunedin 11 startup businesses have received between them $207,000 in GigStart grants. The last round of funding was held in October 2016.


  • Awarded $20,000
  • A virtual reality driving simulation with plans to launch in 2017


  • Awarded $20,000
  • A cloud platform for the Internet of Things that is being created by local developers Tussock Innovation


  • Awarded $20,000
  • An automated, project specific code reviews with plans to be market ready by the end of 2017

Such Crowd

  • Awarded $20,000
  • A crowd-sourcing platform for events that allows event planners to test demand before confirming events. The platform allows people to register interest and they are only charged for tickets if there’s enough interest.

Petri Dish

  • Awarded $20,000
  • Petri Dish is a shared office space at 8 Stafford Street Dunedin, developed for tech and creative media start-ups, small businesses and individuals. Members receive access to Gigabit UFB and a central data room, which includes a system that allows large amounts of data to be moved around the world    at speed.


  • Awarded $12,000
  • Planned development of an app and support programme to help with on-site hazard identification and health and safety management.

Learning with a Difference

  • Awarded $15,000
  • Funding will be used to develop an animated learning programme to help children with dyslexia.

Adventure Media Works

  • Awarded $20,000
  • This is an exciting plan underway involving an online service for the photographic community.

Blue Twist

  • Awarded $20,000
  • Development of a cloud-based systems for the medical sector.

Photo Toolbox Ltd

  • Awarded $20,000
  • Development of a cloud-based digital asset management system.

Bison Group Ltd

  • Awarded $20,000
  • Cultivation of a cloud-based data management system for the logistics sector.