About GigCity


Dunedin: Home to NZ's Best Broadband

With support from Chorus, New Zealand’s largest infrastructure company, Dunedin has one gigabit per second (1Gbps) broadband services, placing the city on the map as the most connected in the Southern Hemisphere.

Visitors, residents and Dunedin industries including education, engineering, software development, bio-technology, fashion and tourism now have the opportunity to embrace the gig and embark on ways of learning, playing and conducting business which have only been imagined until now.

The Digital Community Trust (DCT)

The Digital Community Trust is a not-for-profit trust, incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957, providing leadership to Dunedin in the delivery of the GigCity Plan for Success.

The DCT’s purposes, as contained in it’s Trust Deed, are to advance digital education and be beneficial to the community through:

  1. Delivering more digital content to the people of Otago and their visitors;
  2. Raising the level of knowledge, literacy and skills to use digital technology across community sectors;
  3. Increasing assurance that digital services are safe and reliable for Otago residents to fully embrace and participate in;
  4. Enabling connectivity to digital services and engaging with the community to understand digital needs for today and in the future;
  5. Completing any other activities consistent with these objectives and are charitable within the meaning of the Charities Act and the Trustees may decide on from time to time.

The Trustees are:

  • John Gallaher (chair) – Investment Advisor, Forsyth Barr
  • Mike Harte – Director of ITS, University of Otago
  • Mike Horne – Partner, Deloitte Private
  • Sarah Simmers – Partner, Anderson Lloyd
  • Peter Hills – Director, Virtual Education Networks Ltd
  • Mike Collins – Executive Director Organisational Development & Performance, Southern District Health Board
  • Andrew Whiley – Dunedin City Councillor
  • Damien Newell – Dunedin City Councillor